I fell in love with this breed in 1992. It happened suddenly, though love as a rule comes itself and if it is true one it stays with you forever!

My husband really wanted to have a dog. Having carefully learned a lot of large breeds we decided to stop by a very unusual one for that time, a Bullmastiff. They had just appeared in Russia then, dogs from Poland, Hungary and South Africa.

Of course we were faced with South African dogs; the mother of my first dog was a strong bitch with quite a difficult character. My husband needed a guard dog. I needed a brood bitch. Do not forget I was a cat breeder beforeJ

This pup had turned my life inside out! We fell in love immediately as she had entered our house. We ate together, slept together, we just lived one life! As my husband wanted a guard dog we were taking a special training once a week…I was spending all my spare time with Elsa…She was my little sister…And it was a true love!

The breed was a blind spot for me then. I was reading lots of books, visiting a club and finally I had entered breeder-judging courses.  I knew what a treasure I had at home.


But at first shows we discovered that my dog was hardly like a Bullmastiff, she was a typical representative of South Africa and looked like a Borboel.

When I finished my breeding-judging courses I had started a breeder`s life. Elsa was a daughter of a full brother and sister. She had a beautiful body and excellent movement taken from her patents. Genetically she was a very valuable bitch. Having a unique health she had left us at 16, 5!

I was suggested to buy an expensive dog many times…But I swore that Elsa’s progeny would be the great Bullmastiffs!


Later it was an institute and handler courses… I traveled a lot, visited many shows, studied dogs, pedigrees and the history of the breed…Thanks to VOLKHINA ELENA, an owner of IMPERIA ANTALLIS kennel, my first teacher and «cynological mother». She thought me what was good and what bad, and she opened to me a real dog world. I will be grateful to her all of my life. Of course I became a member of her kennel. My first three litters were born under her leadership. The first mating was with Int. Ch. Junior World Winner, European Winner PITMAN`S BRUNO. This litter brought some beautiful dogs-Int. Ch. Champion of Central &Eastern Europe, Best Bitch at EURASIA-2000 and at a National Specialties `2000& 2001 — RAZNITSA IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS and Ch. RESIDENT IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS…After we mated RAZNITSA with Ch. ZHORA IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS. The puppies were inbred 3X2 on PITMAN`S BRUNO. I left for myself the bitch named AGUNA MATATA BUMBA which I considered almost an ideal! From the second litter of SHELMA (RAZNITSA IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS) we had Int. Ch TAINA IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS and Int. Ch. TANGO QUEEN IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS. Their litter sisters were our new made stars-Ch. TARNETA IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS and TUTTI-FRUTTI IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS. TANGO QUEEN gained CACIBs at RUSSIA `2004 and EURASIA `2004, TARNETA was the Best Bitch at a National Specialty `2003 and at Eurasia `2003.

But the first litter under my own suffix MIR ANTALLIS was born in 2003 out of Int. Ch. DIAMOND HIILS ZINGIBER and Int. Ch. TANGO QUEEN IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS. Of course they were very young dogs without any serious titles but everything was ahead… BANDA (TANGO QUEEN) gave birth to Ch. ALABANA IZ MIRA ANTALLIS and Ch. APRELSKAYA GROZA IZ MIRA ANTALLIS.

After some period we met with VIOLETTA and JACEK BOGUCKI, my dear friends from Poland, Lublin.

The second litter was out of European Champion `2004 ZORBA OF THE WOODBULL FARM and Int. Ch. TAINA IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS, my dear GROMADA. BEVERLY HILLS IZ MIRA ANTALLIS and BRIGHT MARCONIAN STAR IZ MIRA ANTALLIS did not become champions but they gave healthy, strong and beautiful puppies. My GROMADA and Galina`s RELLA based two breeding lines in Russia and America…

My heart was won by Int. Ch. J. European Winner `1999 HONEY ROSE IZ IMPERII ANTALLIS a beautiful spectacular bitch with irresistible charm and a nice character. She really impressed me with her quality! Together with her owner, ELENA BEREJNAYA, we were thinking about her mating and stopped by Int. Ch XYLAN OF THE WOODBULL FARM.

During my visit to WOODBULL FARM kennel I fell in love again! XYLAN, XAOMI, ZORBA, ACE…

HONEY ROSE gave birth to a black baby… This was ZEVS OT ANTALIS`S, my the first macho!

First of all, he wasbrindle, my dream, and then he became my love! This guy played a role in my life! He met me with my the best friend and our handler in future EMILIA GAYDUKOVA. And you know what did he do? He made me to feel the taste of victory. We were winning a lot with ORK and he always knew if he had been the first in the group or whatever! He was always very sorry about any loss and realized the shows were his job! The job of his life! He was the first Bullmastiff to win JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW at EURASIA show. He won a lot of BEST IN SHOWS and could hardly leave the ring without any placing! He has been a three times National Specialty Winner in Russia `2004 & `2005 & `2006 and this achievement is a record too! He has gained lot of CACIBs and several countries` championships…

We visited a lot of countries with ORK and I finally realized what shows had meant for me! This is a kind of tourism. The information about countries and people you get during these trips can never be obtained when living in a five star hotels… I am fond of traveling with dogs by car! I like to learn everything new with help of my friends! It really does not matter whether your dog has won or not! Pleasure of communication, experience, new impressions got in the show-trip is the best result which I certainly always had gained!

…ORK is still alive! He has retired and happily lives with my friend but we do not lose a hope to win some more titles in veteran class!

I got two excellent litters out of ORK! (Int. Ch. EVITA IZ MIRA ANTALLIS, Ch. ZHIGAN IZ MIRA ANTALLIS) He is also a proud sire of some other kennels` progeny: Int. Ch., TOP 2009 in Sweden SOTARSBASKENS VERY VALENTINO, Int. Ch. VLADYKA MOSKOVII INVISIBLE RUSSIAN DREAM, Ch. VLADYKA MOSKOVII LEADING FLAME and others…

Two his daughters VECHERNAYA ZVEZDA ANTALLIS IZ SHILD STAUT and VLADYKA MOSKOVII IT`S MIRRA-ANTALIS stayed in the kennel and gave a lot to it afterwards!

FRANKY LOECKX, I have visited his kennel several times, offered me to buy his grown up ACE OF THE WOODBULL FARM…ACE, my another love, from the first sight, by the way I wanted to buy him when he was a six month puppy but he had come to us at 3, 5 and we were happy to love him…


It was quite a difficult time for both us and he…Many friends of mine worked with ACE, SVETLANA KAMENEVA, was socializing him (he was afraid of men and cars, urban environment) …KATYA KOMISSAROVA was preparing him for show rings, she became his second «mama» and personal handler…but in the end of his life he found a true friend-LENA BOYTSOVA, an owner of TANGO QUEEN. He stayed for LENA`S place for a week but they could not leave after! ACE was a human, wise and generous; he loved everybody and was full of tenderness and endearment…

I had several litters out of ACE in the kennel. Unfortunately he died young and I have not had time to leave his semen…I am in search of new ideas how to use ACE`S progeny for inbreeding with one of his daughter INFANTA QUEEN IZ MIRA ANTALLIS living in my kennel?

I would like to note some successful mating in the kennel such as LEON RUS LEGENDA x VERGINIA VAISEL VAL. This is a champion litter where I mark out Int. Ch. GOUSTAV HELIOS IZ MIRA ANTALLIS, a dog close to the ideal… and GOUSARSKAYA BALLADA IZ MIRA ANTALLIS which gave me a new very interesting line for wok.

A well thought-out mating of VECHERNAYA ZVEZDA ANTALLIS IZ SHILD STOUT with DYNAMIC FORCE LIMITED EDITION gave us FANTASY IZ MIRA ANTALLIS which Mr. Bass Bosch called a true English Bullmastiff! She gained a CACIB at EURASIA `2010!

The next happy stage of the life of my kennel was TOR. This mating we devised together with GALINA DITTMAN. GALINA is my true friend and I thank God for such a close, clever and wise one! I am sure we are able to surprise the World in future!

ARTIC WIND OF MARCONIA TO ANTALLIS has not become such a winning dog, like ORC… He was winning quite a lot but he had become much more important stud than show dog. He sired more than 60 champions, among those 3 World Winners, Ch. Of Central and Eastern Europe, lots of TOP DOGS of various countries, more than 10 Int. Champions…He was a great stud and undoubtedly he had made history of the breed not only in Russia!

One of the greatest sons of THOR is living in Thailand Int. Ch. MEVERICK IZ MIRA ANTALLIS. He has become #2 dog in Thailand, won RUSSIA `2008 and National Specialty `2008. Int. Ch. Multi BEST IN SHOW winner MY MAGIC DREAM IZ MIRA ANTALLIS a lovely bitch with friendly character! Having a great desire to work in the ring she won the hearts of many judges!

Intch. WLADYKA MOSKOVII IZ MIRA ANTALLIS, owned by VLADYKA MOSKOVII kennel, a son of THOR and BEVERLY HILLS IZ MIRA ANTALLIS is a two times EURASIA winner (2009, 2010)! His handsome brother WSESLAV MOGUCHIY IZ MIRA ANTALLIS, a Polish Ch., a Polish Specialty Junior Winner and Russian Ch has managed to finish with the last one during a week-end…

Galaxy of stars out of «P» litter PURSH, PLASH, PRADA GROSS LAND, PAST & FUTURE are children of THOR and grandchildren of ORK…

At RUSSIA `2009 both CACIBs and both R. CACIBs were gained by THOR`s children! A World winner and the best bitch in 2009 was YAGODA`S MIRA ANTALLIS, Junior World Winners were our young male LEMABULL PASS THE GAME TO ANTALLIS and ALEXA SEXY GIRL IZ DVARISKIU! It was a real triumph of THOR as a stud dog!

Also I would like to note some progeny of THOR from other kennels! These are Int. Ch., Ch. Of Central&Eastern Europe, Polish Winner `2008 and Multi Champion BULLSTIFF-NOSTRA VOLAND SNOW WHITE, World Winner `2009, Intch, Multich, Champion of 12 countries, 27XCACIB YAGODA`S MIRA ANTALLIS, her brother Intch, EURASIA `2009, RUSSIA `2009 winner, Multi Champion YAVOR VICTORIUS and of course gorgeous Int. Ch. EURASIA `2008 (both days) winner, Interch, Multi Champion, Multi BIG and BIS LEMABULL ALL ABOUT US.

And now about my young love — J. World Winner-2009, J. Ch. Of Russia, Club, Baltic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ch. of Russia, Club, Grand Ch. of Russia, RKF, Belorussia, Belorussian Winner, Ch. of Ukraine, BJB of Eurasia `2009, R. CACIB at RUSSIA `2009, BREED CH. on Russian show CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS `2009. my little prince LEMABULL PASS THE GAME TO ANTALLIS! His breeder, my dear friend SNITSAREVA ELENA, lives in Riga. Thanks to her, I fell in love with Baltic, Latvia; Riga…met a lot of interesting people… Traditionally at the beginning of every summer I visit Baltic to see my friends.

To tell the truth we were expecting for girls but it turned another way. This litter brought us only males and LENA literally made me to take BURIY! This guy is a fruit of love of two dogs, two breeders and hopefully it will give us many cheerful moments, beautiful puppies and good friends!





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